Stars – Equine Portraits

“In this book, Silvio Maraini has managed to show the great diversity of horse personalities, with all their facets and fine characteristics
Ingrid Klimke

Stars – Equine Portraits
Preface Ingrid Klimke
Englisch | German| French
144 Pages
23.5 x 33.5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-7165-1856-4
Release: 12/2019
BENTELI Verlag, 2019


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New Book


Geflutete Kathedralen. Underwater Cathedrals

Silvio Maraini, preface by Benedikt Loderer
German | Englisch
144 Pages
28 x 28 cm
ISBN: 978-3-7165-1827-4
Pub Date: 09/2016

Video Underwater Cathedrals

Switzerland is sometimes referred to as the Water Tower of Europe due to its vast water supplies – and much of its drinking water is stored in underground reservoirs. These are striking, cavernous spaces. Swiss photographer Silvio Maraini catches them on film in the short intervals when they’re drained for cleaning. His book “Underwater Cathedrals” shows them off best – and we met up with him.

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Book Underwater Cathedrals

Underwater Cathedrals
Silvio Maraini, preface by Benedikt Loderer
German / Englisch
112 Pages
56 color images
24 x 24 cm

ISBN: 978-3-7165-1716-1
Pub Date: 04/2012
Publisher: BENTELI Verlag, 2012

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